Installing a new roof is, without a doubt, an excellent way to protect one of the biggest investments that you have made in your life – your home. And when you avail of such services, you will hear the roofing contractors talking about warranties.

What is a roof warranty anyway? How does it benefit you? Read on and find out.

Roof Warranty

Simply put, a warranty is just like insurance. If the product that has just been installed malfunctions for any reason, or if it was not put on properly, you can have the problem fixed without any additional cost on your end.

Manufacturer vs. Contractor Roof Warranties

These are the major types of warranty. The manufacturer warranty, as the term suggests, comes from the company that manufactured the roof. It basically guarantees that the materials used are of high-quality, and should they malfunction within the covered period, which is usually between 20 to 50 years, they can be replaced.

The contractor roof warranty, on the other hand, comes from the contractor or roofing company. It guarantees the proper installation of the roof. If you encounter problems that are related to the installation, later on, the company will provide support and assistance.

How to Evaluate Roofing Warranties

The terms used in the warranties could be confusing. For this reason, you should go through them with the help of your roofing contractor.

It is important that you know the validity period of the warranty, and the number of years (with the specific dates) should be specified. You should find out what is covered as well. And with this, it is highly recommended that you get a warranty that covers everything.

Furthermore, it should be made clear whether or not the warranty covers the cost of labor. If it is only the parts that are protected, then you will have to pay for the installation and other related fees. Your roofer will go over all of these details with you. If you need a local roofer, then a simple search will provide your options.